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Leadership Team

Boosters Leadership Team

The leadership of the Boosters Club is comprised of a Board of Directors and a volunteer staff.

Board of Directors & Officers
The Board of Directors is comprised of seven to nine members of the community, members are sought from different backgrounds and groups including coaches, family members, students, local business members and the general community at-large. The Board of Directors sets the policies for the organization, as well as creates plans, raises and disperses funds to achieve the organization's objectives. The officers provide executive leadership for both the Board of Directors and the organization proper.

Name Office Term  E-Mail
Venus Tavares President Oct. 2017 President@epmsboosters.org 
Michael Padula Vice-President Oct. 2017 Vice-President@epmsboosters.org 
 Elsa Bento Secretary Oct. 2017 Secretary@epmsboosters.org
Kevin Hall TreasurerOct. 2017Treasurer@epmsboosters.org 

Name Seat Term Committees








Board Staff and Advisors
The board staff are volunteers that support the Board of Directors in their work. The Parliamentarian assists the President in presiding over the Board of Directors and ensures the organization meets and exceeds the legal and regulatory standards of compliance. The Clerk assists the Secretary with maintaining the organization's records, the Clerk is often a high school student, but is not required to be.

 NamePosition CommitteesE-Mail
 Jason DesrosiersParliamentarian / Asst. SecretaryNoneParliamentarian@epmsboosters.org
VacantClerk / Asst. SecretaryN/A 

Organization Executive Staff 
The organization's executive staff provides the top-level of non-board leadership of the organization and ensures the execution of day-to-day development programs and key projects. The Executive Director is responsible directly or indirectly for all other volunteers in the organization, except for the Board of Directors and it's staff.

 Name Position  Compensation  Committees
 vacant Executive Director  $0 - Volunteer   Finance, Fundraising

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