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E.P.M.S. Athletics Booster Club

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. Why was EPMSABC started?

A. We started EPMSABC because we saw a need, middle school interscholastic athletic programs do not get the same attention and resources from district leaders that the high school programs receive, leading to children playing with beat-up, broken equipment and worn/torn uniforms. That issue became even more acute in February of 2012 when the state appointed East Providence Budget Commission announced that middle school sports would be eliminated to help balance the budget, stop deficit school spending and reduce the school district's long-term debt.

Update: After the Budget Commission left East Providence, Middle School Sports were returned to the school department budget. However many other needs still exist.

Q. Does your organization have anything to do with 'Townie Project 2.0' and the renovation of the middle school gyms and fields?

A. We do not have any direct role in 'Townie Project 2.0', which was a project started by John Carnevale and his organization D'Amours Step that does work both in East Providence and oversees. We are very proud to have contributed $1,000 to the project however and consider it a great contribution to the community and the middle schools. 

Q. Isn't there another organization already trying to save middle school sports?

A. There is another organization out there, however we feel that we have a duty to do more than just save sports, we have to improve and 'boost' the program. We also feel that we have a stronger long-term plan, organization and structure to achieve these aims, including developing grant proposals and other revenue sources. The EPMSABC was the first middle school organization in East Providence to incorporate, forming as a legal entity on May 28th, 2012

Q. What are some examples of ways to boost these programs beyond just funding them?

A. It's things like basic equipment, supplies, balls, new uniforms, etc. Right now our middle school students use handed down supplies and equipment from the high school and while it pays to be frugal, some of these items are well beyond their useful life.

Q. Why do you have advertisements on your website?

A. We participate in Google AdSense as one stream of revenue to pay for the operating costs of the site and  contribute to our programs. We also like to highlight our top business supporters.