East Pro
vidence Middle Schools 
Athletics Booster Club

We are happy to announce the return of baseball and softball to our middle schools. Thanks not just to those who have supported us, but also to Project 106, the two middle school principals and the coaches that have agreed to volunteer their time.


The East Providence Middle Schools Athletics Booster Club is an organization designed to support our middle school student-athletes in East Providence. The EPMS Boosters arose out of the elimination of middle school inter-scholastic sports in East Providence by the East Providence Budget Commission in response to the budget crisis, however while we are working as a community effort to ensure that sports is restored and remains in place, we are here to do more than just support the existence of the program, but to also improve the quality of the program and support both the program and its participants in every way possible.

The Challenge

Budget Cuts

Torn Uniforms

Damaged Equipment